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3. Continual Ethics Programme for SAICA, SAIPA Trainees, Members and Associates - Option 3

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20 Hours

Ms Lynette Berger

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Nerissa Singh
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*** DISCLAIMER ito C9 SAICA TRAINING PROGRAMME REQUIREMENT - INDICATOR #1 ** ProBeta Training and the programme facilitators can not: • Establish an ethical culture (Indicator #1) for the training office – we merely provide the trainee with the necessary tools to help encourage discussions of ethical issues and for considering these issues in engagements and interactions in and around the office. • Implement structures and procedures to communicate ethical concerns. The training office needs to still develop, implement and apply such structures and procedures in meeting this requirement. It is also recommended that awareness of such structures and procedures be raised with staff members in the form of staff-meetings or staff-training, as it will be office-specific (Indicator #1) • Take steps to discipline individuals who display unethical behaviour – the relationship between ProBeta Training and that of the Training office is not that of an employer-employee relationship (Indicator #1). FOR SAICA TRAINEES: As from 2021, SAICA will be introducing support programmes to Training Officers and / or Ethics Champions to assist the training office to help develop ethical behaviour within the training environment. This does not prevent the training office from engaging an external provider, such as ProBeta Training to assist further. FOR SAICA MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES: During April 2021 SAICA issued a circular to highlight that “Ethical values and attitudes” is a critical competencyarea for CPD and it further clarifies that reflection on the competency area “Ethical values and attitudes” on an annual basis is compulsory for all SAICA members and associates. This area must therefore be specifically recorded on the member’s reflective learning plan which would include an evaluation of the extent to which members meet the ethical competencies set out as well as undertaking the necessary learning activities to further develop and maintain competence in this area. This is effective for reflective plans from 1 April 2021 and will be applied to reflective plans requested for monitoring in the 2022 year. How can ProBeta Training assist? To support the training office and trainee in meeting the C9 requirements as well as the new compulsory annual Ethics CPD Reflection for SAICA Members and Associates, we have developed a unique and licensed ethics continual programme which consists of weekly hands-on development of ethical behaviour and ethical reasoning skills through discussions, engagement and interaction prompts - available any time and on demand. For SAICA Trainees: This offering will mainly assist with Indicator #2 of the C9 Requirements. For both SAICA Trainees, Members and Associates: This programme is specially designed and developed to: - Encourage discussions of ethical issues - Encourage consideration of ethics in all engagements and interactions - Encourage ethical and values driven habitual skills as part of one's daily life and business activities - Reflect on personal values in the context of your professional role - Reflect on the ethical dimensions of all business decisions (Business Ethics) - Reflect on one's personal and professional conduct in terms of the code of conduct (Professional Ethics) The ProBeta Training Ethics Continual Programme is available only PER INDIVIDUAL, and NOT at group level or for a firm as a whole. Although the content is focussed on the individual, quite variety of reflection exercises have been built into the programme to move between individual reflection, finding one’s voice, defining one’s values, practicing sound ethical reasoning skills and ultimately taking it further, i.e. encouraging the delegate to engage with others in a group setting through a deliberate discussions framework. We provide all the tools, instructions and ‘how to’ guides to make this practical, hands-on and easy-to-implement. *** Enrol ANY time during the year and get access to 12 months' of content - weekly release of resources*** *** NEW Self-paced Online learning platform: MySkillsPortal developed for Trainees and Office Personnel*** *** This programme is also suitable for Senior personnel members and Staff members: this programme is ideal in assisting and complimenting the establishment of and Ethical Culture within your office - it is a perfect companion to establish a solid level of ethical awareness and ethical reasoning skills amongst others. When you join, you can earn 1 Hour CPD per month, on completion of an online assessment *** Got 10 or more trainees or team members? Contact us for a group discount! What is new? • Available 24/7 - enabling delegates to plan their training diary to suit their needs • Continuous online automated assessment to assess one’s own progress during the 12-month programme • One integrated simulated post-course assessment • Self-paced learning. Revisit concepts, watch videos again and again • Bite size modules to pace one’s own development • Lots of additional tools, resources and e-books available for download • Downloadable FREE Mobile App available to learn on-the-go • A portal specifically created for the Trainee in mind – helping to grow our young leaders for tomorrow! The ProBeta Ethics Continual Programme: This Programme has been created for deeper insight into individuals, new ethics and professional skills for interpreting and adapting thought patterns, behavior and interaction ... and lasting positive and ethical influence within and beyond your current circle. It is the only comprehensive programme of its kind that not only shows you a proven roadmap to embrace and deal with everything that stands between you, positive and impactful influence and strong ethical principles - but how to practically apply the new awareness and skills as part of personal and professional development. What sets this Continual Programme apart from the rest ...? This is the ONLY programme which will provide SAICA and SAIPA Trainees as well as SAICA Members and Associates with hand-on, practical solutions for ethical and professional development and compliance purposes based on successfully proven and licenced content: - Tall Trees Leadership - Emotional Intelligence linked to Leadership Styles, Thinking patterns and Understanding of behaviour - John Maxwell's guided "ChangeYourWorld' Values awareness programme and assessment. - We save you time and effort - tools, resources, reflection exercises, training have been developed, resourced and DONE FOR YOU! - Everything you need around ethics training and application included in ONE PLACE! This programme is specially designed and developed to: - Encourage discussions of ethical issues - Encourage consideration of ethics in all engagements and interactions - We assist Training Officers to comply with the minimum requirements on Ethical Awareness, Practices and Application as per the SAICA Training Regulations C9. - Deliberate discussions on ethics - Individual reflection to identify developmental needs - Help commit to activities to meet development needs and apply them appropriately - We make use and provide access to accomplish these goals through resources that are adequate, appropriate and highly recommended by professionals both locally and globally. You're in the right place and we're going to tell you exactly how the this Continual Programme will equip you and your team with a proven roadmap to help you embrace and deal with everything that stands between you, practical application of ethics [which will definitely add value to your team, clients and your practice] and ultimately compliance.

*** Enrol ANY time during the year and get access to 12 months' of content - weekly release of resources*** You will: - Be able to access the Programme any time during the year and will have full access for 12 months (Official Programme Start date is 1 February 2021) - Be able to grow beyond the limitations set by temperament weaknesses - especially when it comes to ethical dilemmas - Be able to complete either the short or long version of the Tall Trees Leadership Report to better understand your own Leadership and Communication Style and that of others - highlighting essential communication and influencing skills - Be able to complete your EI Activator Report (optional and ton top of Tall Trees Profiles), to further grow and develop ethical awareness, thought patterns and behaviour styles. - Be able to assess your values through John Maxwell's ChangeYourWorld initiative and related resources - Includes SAICA Code of Professional conduct training - Be able to embrace and deal with everything that stands between you, positive and impactful influence and strong ethical principles, through a proven roadmap as well as dedicated support from your Programme Co-ordinators, each step of the way - access to a 12-month success roadmap - Be able to practically apply the new awareness and skills as part of personal and professional development - Have access to even more Ethics tools especially designed to ensure successful transformation and Ethics skills transfer - Be able to develop a high level of ethical and emotional awareness, how to operate ethically from this new awareness level with confidence and courage - Have access for 12 months 24/7 to the Ethics content library - where all your programme content is stored, updated and easily accessible - Have access to your Ethics Journal with prompts and serves as a developmental and growth tool - Have access to 5 minute Ethics and Compliance moment prompts for meetings and client engagements - Have access to your Ethics workbook with reflection exercises, to build up weekly and serve as proof of evidence - allowing for Training Officers to also reflect and sign-off - Practical resources and tools for immediate implementation and application in both work and business, distributed weekly - Have access to short, bite-sized weekly and / or monthly teachings by Lynette Berger and Hettie Brittz (video, worksheets, reflection, assessments, tools etc) - Further resources per topic, e.g. action guides, top tips, infographics, blogs, articles videos, podcasts, worksheets

*** Enrol ANY time during the year and get access to 12 months' of content - weekly release of resources*** The program will include the following topics and outline per the Ethics Success Path: - Playing to my strengths [Foundation] - Self knowledge, Self Image, alignment of thought processes, emotions, actions and results - How susceptible am I towards unethical behaviour and decisions - a self discovery through the Tall Trees Philosophy and EI Activator Report (EIA Available on Tier 3) - Character and Values - Discovering Behavioural Ethics - Finding your Voice - Being your best self - moral awareness, decision-making, intent, action, etc. Increase your overall ethical awareness, ethical conduct and considering consequences for unethical behaviour - Creating a safe community within the programme - initiating and participating - Clarifying ethical culture and your role - taking responsibility and ownership - Developing your own code of conduct and values statement - Student participation, tracking and monitoring - Resources available for all delegates, allowing Training Officers to review, reflect and initiate / maintain discussions on developmental needs Option 3 Access will grant you the following: - 12 Months access - weekly release of resources - Ethics Tall Trees Leadership Full Report (access all 6 Fs) - Ethics Continual Programme Workbook (build up weekly) - John Maxwell's ChangeYourWorld Values resources and tools - Ethics Journal with prompts - 5 min Ethics and Compliance moment topics for meetings (personnel, team and clients) - Success Roadmap - Practical resources, tools and reflection exercises - Weekly and / or monthly recorded teachings by Lynette and Hettie - Access to both Lynette Berger and Hettie Brittz for questions and support PLUS your BONUS to Help You reflect, learn and apply ethical skills and awareness: *** Authentic Journaling for Higher Ethical Awareness *** PLUS - Full Tall Trees Leadership Report (see it as your online coach on self-knowledge and awareness, includes reflection exercises) - A lesson on the 7 Levels of Character and the 7 Levels of Awareness - your unique EI Activator Emotional Intelligence report, which you use in conjunction with your Tall Trees Report (the report provides access to over 40 EI elements, tips for areas of improvement, resources and tools to help you grow your EI and awareness. (Value R 1 600 excl VAT) - the perfect companion to help raise your ethical skills, thought processes and behaviour!

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