Reflection is an integral part of the CPD process. It is especially important if you want to get the best results from your CPD activities.

CPD Reporting has been revamped from 1 January 2020 by the professional bodies in South Africa. The new CPD policy consists of three compulsory phases of CPD Reporting, namely:

  1. The Planning Phase
  2. The Action Phase
  3. The Reflection Phase

The Planning Phase:

The Planning Phase requires you to consider and record your current and future roles and to reflect on the developmental areas that you consider most important for your professional growth and development.

The number of learning needs you list will be dependent on the nature of the work you are currently undertaking and the future roles you may wish to assume. In addition, your learning needs will be driven by information available to you through performance reviews, changes in the profession that affect you, the SAICA Competency Framework and the potential compulsory areas publish by SAICA from time to time.

The Action Phase:

Once these areas / learning needs have been recognised, you will be required to complete CPD activities that fulfil your identified learning needs.

These activities may take on a number of different forms, from online webinars to in-person training sessions to formal academic programmes to peer discussions to self-reading. Anything that results in the desired learning outcome being achieved is considered CPD.

The Reflective Phase:

The Reflective Plan is not a static document, and it will change as and when your learning needs change. You are encouraged to update and adapt your plan as regularly as is required. It is advisable to draft your plan in January each year and then adapt the plan as you go along.

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