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ProBeta Training
Tall Trees Adult Leadership Profile Test
• Do the online test; get your 26 page report • Learn about your social, work, life view and leadership profiles • Discover your: Forces within (strengths) Fields of greatness (where you belong) Frostbite (stress factors) Fertilizer (core needs) Forest ...
Tall Trees Kids Profile Test (ages 3 to 11)
This test requires fast internet and is best done on a laptop or desktop computer using either Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. As it makes use of video clips, it uses more data than our other tests. Try to access free or uncapped Wi-Fi. If you have Growing Kids with Character, and you'd...
Tall Trees Parenting Profile Test
Do the online test Get your 26 page report Learn about your nurturing, discipline and mentoring profiles that shape how you parent Discover your: - Forces within (parenting gifts) - Fields of greatness (where your style fits your child’s needs) - Frostbite (stress factors) - Fertilizer (p...
Tall Trees Teen Profile Test (ages 12 to 18)
Do the online test; get a report that is all about YOU Learn how you socialize, work and tackle life’s challenges and opportunities Discover your: - Forces within (gifts and talents) - Fields of greatness (where you are the best leader) - Frostbite (draining stuff), Fertilizer (energizing st...
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