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Audit engagement of Bodies Corporate

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Presenter: Ms Yvonne Rossouw
CPD Hours: Attending the course and successfully completing the post-assessment, will grant you 3 hour/s verifiable CPD, recognised by the various professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc). Please note that the CPD certificate will only be issued once the post-assessment has been completed.
Platform: Web Based (Online)
Course Facilitator: Yvonne Rossouw
T:  0118861395
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Are you aware of your extra responsibilities as the auditor of a body corporate in terms of the STSMA? The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act created new procedures to be performed by the auditor when it became effective in 2016. Join us in this webinar as we unpack these responsibilities and procedures as well as other issues an auditor might face when auditing the financial statements of a body corporate. This advanced course will benefit all seniors, managers and partners engaged in these audits. Junior trainees will also benefit.

The course will start by looking at the legislation applicable to Bodies Corporate and where this affects the audit. Specifically, the following sections will be discussed: • Rule 21, 24 and 26 Community Schemes Ombud Services Act and its regulations, specifically looking at: • Levies and fees payable Audit considerations for bodies corporate will be discussed • Planning and risk assessment • Field work • Finalisation • Taxation Provisions for Bodies Corporate This webinar is only on the principles to be followed and considered during the audit, and will not include a practical exercise on the execution of the audit engagement