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Practical labour implications Session 8 - UIF, SDL and workmen's compensation

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Presenter: Ms Yvonne Rossouw
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Course Facilitator: Yvonne Rossouw
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Are you aware of your responsibilities as an employer in terms of the sundry employment Acts? UIF, SDL and the COIDA places various responsibilities on employers to register and pay certain amounts on a monthly basis based on their workforce. Join me for this two our session as we go through these Act and the implications for employers as well as employees.

The following will be covered during this session: • UIF o Application o Contributions to fund o Claiming benefits o Different benefits under UIF o Calculation of benefits o Documents to complete o Suspension of benefits o Duties of employer and information to be submitted o Penalties and interests for employers • SDL o Purpose of the act and application o The status of the SETA’s o Learnership agreements o Skills programmes o Levy to be paid o SETA refunds o Duties of employer and information to be submitted o Penalties and interest for employers • COID o Right of employee to compensation o What is covered from fund o Employers liability o Claims process o Obligations of employer to register and pay levies o Offences and penalties

This session will be beneficial to all employees, employers, HR departments and any other interested party.