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Estimates – ISA 540 revised

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Presenter: Ms Yvonne Rossouw
CPD Hours: Attending the course and successfully completing the post-assessment, will grant you 1.5 hour/s verifiable CPD, recognised by the various professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc). Please note that the CPD certificate will only be issued once the post-assessment has been completed.
Platform: Web Based (Online)
Course Facilitator: Yvonne Rossouw
T:  0118861395
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With the effective date of the revised ISA 540 looming, are you ready for the changes? From enhanced understanding to documentation of controls over these estimates, the work effort of the auditor has slightly increased. Join us for this 2 hour webinar where we take you through the practical implications of the revised ISA 540.

• Obtaining an understanding of the entity and its environment to identify estimates • Obtain and document an understanding of the controls over these estimates • Documenting the methods, assumptions and sources of data used in calculating estimates • Identify estimation uncertainty and risk of material misstatement o Inherent risk vs Control risk o Retrospective review o Identify management bias • Perform procedures o Outcomes after year end up to the date of the report o Testing management assumptions o Calculate an auditor’s point estimate

All auditors and their staff who is responsible for the audit of financial statements