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Ethics for Senior Auditors/ Audit Supervisors/ managers - From a Tall Trees Perspective

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Duration: 1 Day
CPD Hours: Attendance at this seminar will secure 6.5 hour/s verifiable CPD points including other professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc)
Course Facilitator: Nerissa Singh
T:  011-886-1395
E:  nerissa@probetatraining.co.za

This course provides a practical and insightful look into the mirror. Raising awareness of strength zones and one’s susceptibility to being unethical. Includes a Tall trees profile, online assessment and CPD certificate. CPD: 6.5 Hours verifiable CPD points This session will no longer be a one full day live training session. Instead we have broken down the full day session into 3 components. 3 Separate pre-recorded online sessions will be made available to you on successful registration. We know that being in a leadership role, it is difficult to set aside one full day of training at the office, so we decided to make available the training sessions so you can watch in your own time, as you see fit and still enjoy the benefits of the training and its value-offering. We will keep track on your progress. After having watched all 3 pre-recorded sessions, and having completed the online multiple choice questionnaire, each delegate will be issued a CPD certificate. This course explores why Ethical people sometimes make unethical choices and empowers an audit senior/ manager to effectively evaluate his team’s ethical culture and document appropriate audit evidence on file. The Tall Trees outcomes address all the planning phase considerations as specified in ISA300 and provides the auditor with great insights and risk assessment tools.

During the planning phase of the audit ISA300 (Planning and audit of financial statements) states that audit teams should evaluate their team’s compliance with relevant ethical requirements, in accordance with ISA 220. This course is designed to enable audit seniors to effectively gather audit evidence for the planning phase of the audit. Below are some of the audit questions addressed by the course. • Assigning work to team members • Quality control procedures and ethical considerations for the engagement • The following staff members confirm that: (a) They have attended the planning meeting (b) They have read and understand the firm's policy regarding ethics and independence (c) They comply with the IRBA Code of Professional Conduct (adopted from the IESBA code) (d) They are independent of this client and comply with other provisions of the firm's code of ethics (e) They undertake to treat all client information as confidential • I am satisfied that the engagement team collectively has the appropriate capabilities, competence and time to perform the audit engagement in accordance with professional standards and regulatory legal requirements, and to enable an auditor's report that is appropriate, in the circumstance, to be issued • I am satisfied that the engagement team members are able to maintain an objective state of mind and an appropriate level of professional skepticism and exercise professional judgement in performing the work delegated to them in accordance with the ethical principles of integrity, confidentiality and professional behaviour. • Ability to apply professional judgement • Have any threats to independence and ethical considerations been identified? • If "Yes", what action has been taken OR Safeguard implemented to eliminate the threat or to reduce it to an acceptable level? How Tall Trees can help address these and other questions: • This tool provides you with insight into your team members and enables you to allocate tasks per the team member’s strength • By using the Tall Trees tool you are able to evaluate the team’s susceptibility to unethical behaviour and put safeguards in place where weaknesses have been identified • Start crucial conversations and voice your values • This tool provides you with insight into your team members and enables you to allocate tasks per the team member’s strength (Appreciation tree exercise) The purpose of the course is not to teach you the code of ethics but rather empower you as a leader to evaluate and cultivate ethical behaviour in your audit team.

• Complete a Tall Trees temperament leadership profile test and receive a 26 page report detailing 6 main areas where you are unique. Gain self-knowledge, and learn how to use this power tool to understand your team better and manage each person according to their own unique profiles. • You will receive your own personalised Growth Plan and explore how your Tall Trees profile can help you safeguard against unethical behaviour. • What ethics are • Why ethics are important • How to build reputation and trust through ethics in one’s career and business • The consequences of ethical failure • What drives ethical choices? • Different values and how they underpin behaviour in the workplace • How to integrate ethical principles and apply them to scenarios that typically arise in the accounting industry • “Ethics and Temperament in Business and everyday life. how susceptible are you to being unethical??” – we explore your Tall Trees report from a totally different angle! • Practical tools to help improve ethical behaviour • How to make ethical decisions in complex situations • The role of the chartered accountant in ensuring ethical and effective governance in organisations and his/her responsibilities in this regard • The role of the manager/employee in building an ethical culture in organisations and his/her responsibilities in this regard.

Audit seniors, Audit managers, Audit supervisors and / or audit partners (directors)

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