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IFRS for SMEs 1: Intro to SME Financial Statements

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Duration: 2.00
CPD Hours: Attendance at this seminar will secure 2 hour/s verifiable CPD points including other professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc)
Course Facilitator: Tristan White
T:  0118861395
E:  gillian@probetatraining.co.za

Session 1 takes a look at the IFRS for SMEs’ 2015 amended framework as a whole, highlighting requirements for each individual statement i.e. balance sheet, income statement, etc. so that delegates are comfortable with what must / may be included in the individual statements that comprise annual financial statements.

We seek to empower you as a professional accountant in accounting and audit by: • Establishing a practical understanding of the standards / sections • Helping you understand why transactions are accounted for the way they have been • Simplifying the financial statement reporting process by breaking down the presentation and disclosure requirements

Session 1: o Section 1: Small And Medium-Sized Entities o Section 2: Concepts And Pervasive Principles o Section 3: Financial Statement Presentation o Section 4: Statement Of Financial Position o Section 5: Statement Of Comprehensive Income And Income Statement o Section 6: Statement Of Changes In Equity And Statement Of Income And Retained Earnings o Section 7: Statement Of Cash Flows o Section 8: Notes To The Financial Statements

• Accountants in business whose firms have adopted IFRS for SMEs as the accounting framework. • Auditors in a South African context, so as to successfully enable them to identify and assess the application of the framework

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