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IFRS – IFRS 7 Financial Instruments Disclosure

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Duration: 2.50
CPD Hours: Attendance at this seminar will secure 2.5 hour/s verifiable CPD points including other professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc)
Course Facilitator: Tristan White
T:  0118861395
E:  gillian@probetatraining.co.za

Financial Instruments in the context of IFRS are rather interesting. The recognition and measurement / impairment considerations are sitting in IFRS 9, whereas the disclosure requirements are contained in IFRS 7. All IFRS clients are affected by IFRS 9 simply for having debtors / creditors, and by implication, IFRS 7 Disclosure of Financial Instruments will also need to be considered and applied.

• This session provides an overview of the following aspects of IFRS 7 Financial Instruments Disclosure: - Summary of the standard / why applied? - Required info about  Significant financial instruments • Disclosures that accompany income statement / balance sheet / other, in relation hereto  Nature and extent of risks arising from financial instruments • Qualitative disclosures • Quantitative disclosures • Credit / liquidity / market risk • NOT addressed: - Hedging instrument related disclosures - Transfers of financial instruments assets

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