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IFRS for SMEs – Section 10 Accounting Policies, Estimates and Errors

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Duration: 2.50
CPD Hours: Attendance at this seminar will secure 2.5 hour/s verifiable CPD points including other professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc)
Course Facilitator: Tristan White
T:  0118861395
E:  gillian@probetatraining.co.za

When an entity - Makes mistakes in their financial statements - Decides to change their accounting policies, for e.g., going from Revaluation model to Cost model for PPE, or - Re-estimates a useful life or residual value, amongst other estimates, o These events will all trigger the requirements of Section 10 of IFRS for SMEs, and management will be obliged to consider its implications.

Section 10’s requirements will be simplified in terms of the following: • Selection and application of accounting policies o Consistency and changes of accounting policies o Disclosures related to changes in accounting policies • Changes in accounting estimates and disclosures that accompany changes • Errors and disclosures that are required because of discovering errors

☒Financial managers ☒Auditors ☒Bookkeepers ☒Financial accountants ☒Audit managers ☒Audit partners ☒Engagement Quality Control Reviewers