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Basic Tall Trees Leadership Profile (TTLP) course. VT

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Price: R1817.00 (VAT Incl.) Per Person
Presenter: Ms Lynette Berger
Date: 19 Feb '19
Times: Registration:08H00 Start:08H30 End:16H00
Duration: 1 Day
CPD Hours: Attendance at this seminar will secure 6.5 hour/s verifiable CPD points including other professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA & etc)
Platform: Web Based (Online)
Course Facilitator: Nerissa Singh
T:  011-886-1395
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This course is a prerequisite for attending the following TTLP courses / workshops: • Productivity and Positive Culture • Communication and Conflict resolution • Tall Teams • Capacity Building • EQ related workshops An engaged learning platform is provided which will have delegates participating on an interactive level with each other and the facilitator. This course will be presented in association with Tall Trees Profiles, facilitated by accredited Tall Trees Facilitators, whom will also include experienced Chartered Accountants. Some of the softer and more intangible aspects of corporate life will be addressed here. Tall Trees empowers every young person and adult with answers to six central questions: What are my Forces Within (my unique strengths)? Where are my Fields of Greatness (the situations where I belong and where I should take the lead)? What is my Fertilizer (what I need to flourish)? What is my Frostbite (things that tap my energy and prevent me from functioning optimally)? Why do Forest Fires suddenly rage through my relationships (what are my communication and conflict management styles)? What pushes me into Fast Forward (the mountain I have to climb in order to truly grow as an individual and team member)?

Leaders know where to stand There is an idiom about the highest trees catching the most wind. That is true! Leadership always entails challenges and resistance. When the tree is, however, planted in exactly the right spot, the wind makes it a strong, supple tree that offers other trees shelter and spreads its lifegiving seed on the wind. A tree that is placed in the wrong spot will be damaged, will cause damage and will have to be supported with great trouble. The task determines the leader In any company, the nurturing and development of a person who has been planted wrongly will demand long programmes at very high cost. The employee is developed and driven in a direction that goes against his grain. In schools, this causes frustration and damage to the (children’s) self-image. In a family, this means role conflict and the loss of mutual respect. All of these are the result of a leader appointed in the wrong position. At Tall Trees we do not, therefore, develop a set of “preferred leadership qualities”” because each task and context demand unique leadership traits. Tall Trees place the same emphasis on leadership with a task focus and leadership with a human focus. Our task is the discovery of every person’s unique, inborn leadership style. This highlights specific tasks and situations that suit the leader to a T. Outcomes of a Tall Trees Leadership Programme • Self-knowledge and knowledge of every team member or family member • Better planning of task teams – how to deploy each leadership style in the right way and at the right moment in time • Better team dynamics – how to eliminate style conflicts, communication gaps, and flawed cooperation • Greater tolerance of mutual differences • Insight in the dynamics underlying cultural diversity • Adaptable communication skills • Better conflict management due to insight into the causes of conflict • Better handling of stress and the individual’s general well-being

• The Tall Trees Leadership View • Complete and discover your unique online leadership profile • What makes Tall Trees Unique / Different? • Discover the four main personality profiles and the 6 Fs • Look at the basic Trees • Discover and obtain more insight about yourself and your true leadership style • Discover and obtain more insight about others • Look at the combination Trees

• Final year Trainees: Day 1 of the workplace readiness programme • Other trainees, not in their final year, as part of Professional skills development • For HR managers and Senior Management, as a Team Building session • For Senior Management, as part of Strategic Planning • For HR managers as an essential part to the recruitment process • For coaching sessions – Coaching for a deep-rooted YOU

Delegates must have the following available on the course day: a) Own computers (PC or laptop) with Excel and MS Word loaded onto the machine b) Stable internet Connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) with sufficient data for the two days c) Headset (microphone, speakers) for each delegate d) Webcam (external or built-in) – recommended e) Google Chrome loaded onto the machine (breakout functionality) For the engagement activities and online tools, other devices such as the iPad and iPhone are NOT recommended. Please ensure that you are logged in 15 minutes prior to the start of the session


This course is a prerequisite for attending the following TTLP courses / workshops: • Productivity and Positive Culture • Communication and Conflict resolution • Tall Teams • Capacity Building • EQ related workshops