Home Office Expenses and Travel Allowances – How Do They Work

Firm/Group/Company - R1725.00 (VAT Incl.) Individuals - R575.00 (VAT Incl.)
Firm/Group/Company - R1299.50 (VAT Incl.) Individuals - R431.25 (VAT Incl.)
Attending the course and successfully completing the post-assessment, will grant you 2 hour/s verifiable CPD, recognised by the various professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc). Please note that the CPD certificate will only be issued once the post-assessment has been completed.
Web Based (Online)
Carmen Westermeyer

Two of the most topical issues for individual tax returns currently are home office expenses and travel allowances. Travel allowances have been around for years, however they keep changing and these last two years have been no different. Covid has obviously caused huge changes in the home office space.

The aim of this webinar is to break down the core concepts travel allowances and home office expenses. This will include:

• Who qualifies for a home office deduction?
• What is the difference between employees and consultants?
• What expenses qualify?
• Does and don’t with respect to documentation.
• Travel allowances and PAYE
• Reminders for employees about their responsibilities

Any person who is looking to gain an understanding of the tax consequences of the above would benefit. Any delegate that is looking to get a refresher on the above topics would also be welcome.