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(Afrikaans) Debt waivers – the tax knock-on effect

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Presenter: Ms. Corlia Faurie
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Course Facilitator: Corlia Faurie
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The write-off of debts have become more common than what creditors would prefer, as the economy and circumstances often do not allow for any other option. Before considering whether to follow through on such an arrangement, one must first confirm the possible tax effects of this debt waiver, which might not be as beneficial as the write-off itself. We offer a session to discuss the tax effects of debt waivers, to equip you with the knowledge and make an informed decision going forward.

This session will address matters including, but not limited to, the following: • What constitutes a debt benefit, concession and compromise • The tax implications of a debt waiver on the creditor and debtor • Tax implications from an income and capital gains tax perspective • Administrative considerations for debt waivers and related matters

☒Financial managers ☒Auditors ☒Bookkeepers ☒Financial accountants