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Property Practitioners Trust Audit Report & Agreed Upon Procedures Engagements AUP on Trust Accounts

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Presenter: Mr Tristan White
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Course Facilitator: Tristan White
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In March of 2023, IRBA published a brand new trust account assurance report template for auditors of a property practitioner’s trust accounts. The new template features additional audit procedures to be carried out, addressing compliance of a property practitioner’s trust accounts with the Property Practitioners Act and Regulations. Not only that, but the template also introduces two additional agreed-upon procedures engagements to be conducted on the trust accounts / trust accounting practices of the property practitioner.

• Introduce the new IRBA template trust audit report • Simplify the contents of the trust audit report, looking at Part A and Part B • Identify what procedures are to be carried out on the trust accounts as part of the compliance audit • Identify what is required of the auditor as part of the two agreed-upon procedures engagements and what the AUP procedures look like • Discuss the need for engagement letters and where findings are to be communicated (i.e., through reports) • Briefly point out two further template reports issued by IRBA related to trust accounts audited by Payment Processing Agents

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