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Positive Attitude and Work Ethic

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Presenter: Ms Bianca Van Wyk
CPD Hours: Attending the course and successfully completing the post-assessment, will grant you 1 hour/s verifiable CPD, recognised by the various professional bodies (SAICA, SAIBA, ACCA, IACSA, IRBA & etc). Please note that the CPD certificate will only be issued once the post-assessment has been completed.
Platform: Web Based (Online)
Course Facilitator: Bianca Filmalter
T:  0118861395
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This is the fourth webinar in a series that looks at the Ten Soft Skills Everyone Needs in the Workplace. In this session we will take a look at Attitude and Work Ethic. Your attitude determines your altitude.” It’s a phrase commonly used to lift perspective and encourage productivity. Everyone is looking for a way to better themselves. Many would rather take a shortcut in order to achieve success, but it is often those who consistently work harder and smarter than their colleagues who end up having the brighter career. This webinar covers the aspects of a positive attitude and determined work ethic and the impact these soft skills have on performance.

• To gain a clear understanding of the relevance and importance of soft skills in the workplace • To develop the necessary soft skills to make a positive impact within a team and contribute towards the success of an organisation

Soft Skill 5: Attitude • Control your Attitude • Framing events in a positive way • Change your vocabulary Soft Skill 6: Work Ethic • Building Trust • Work Is Its Own Reward • Self-disciplined Character

Any employee that wants to make a positive impact in the workplace and be successful in reaching his or her career goals